Leading with more Joy through mental Fitness!

We are faced with unexpected and challenging situations in our day-to-day management work that cause stress, frustration and uncertainty. Whether it's a sudden change in economic conditions, the loss of an important customer or employee, or personal setbacks - these moments put our mental resilience to the test.

Why is mental fitness important?

Regardless of whether we try to fight these situations with all our might, or whether we start to blame the circumstances, other people or ourselves - both consume large amounts of our energy and ultimately remain ineffective. As a leader, it is therefore important to know tools and, above all, to develop habits in order to lose as little energy as possible in such situations and instead tackle the challenges with clear focus, creativity and positive energy.

As a Positive Intelligence® Coach, I offer a high impact program "Leading with more Joy through mental fitness", which is perfect for leaders who

⇨ want to experience more effectiveness in their leadership work
⇨ want to lead with more composure and self-confidence
⇨ want to feel less stress in their daily leadership work


Are you ready to invest 7 weeks of training, in order to bring your mental fitness to a completely new level?

Your invest

for the 7-week-programm with 7 group meetings + 6 video-inputs + 1 hour individual coaching  + satisfaction guarantee* is 995,- € (+VAT).



Dates and free seats

Sep. 9th - Oct. 21st 2024      5 free seats   Register

Jun. 1st - Jul. 15th 2024       started      

Feb. 24th - Apr. 8th 2024       finished

Further dates planned.


* If you do not see any significant effect by the 4th week of the program despite doing the daily exercises, you can cancel the program and receive a full refund.


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